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Election Commissioner

Debbie Postany

Loup County Clerk

PO Box 187

Taylor NE    68879

PHONE: 308-942-3135

FAX: 308-942-3103





1.  A person seeking an elective office shall be a registered voter at the time he/she files.   If the office sought is a partisan office, he/she must file as a political candidate of the party under which he/she is registered.    If the office the person is seeking requires signing a contract, or being bonded, he/she must be at least nineteen years of age at the time of filing.   A person shall not be eligible to file for an office until he/ she has paid any outstanding civil penalties and interest imposed pursuant to the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act.  [32-602]


2.  A registered voter is an elector who has a valid voter registration record on file in the county of his/her residence.   [32-115]


3.  An elector is a citizen of the United States whose residence is within the state and who is at least eighteen years of age or will be eighteen on or before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of the current year.  [32-110]


4.  Incumbent filing deadline February 15th   or July 16th, non-incumbent March 1st   or August 1st .  Filing deadlines for the offices are listed below.  Incumbent is defined as anyone who has been declared elected to or appointed to an elective office.   [32-111, 32-606(1), 32-606(2)]


5.  Some offices require the filing of Accountability and Disclosure Forms with the County Clerk and the Accountability Commission.   The County Clerk has the necessary forms in her office.    [49-1493]


6.  Candidate filing forms are available in the Loup County Clerk’s office and applicable filing fees are paid to the County Clerk.





Qualifications:  Must be a legal voter in the school district.  Cannot be a teacher employed by the school district in which he/she seeks to serve as a board member.    [79-543, 79-544]

Filing Deadline:  Incumbent: July 16th  Non-incumbent: August 1st   

Filing Fee:  None

Accountability Forms: N/A




Qualifications:  Must be a citizen of the United States, reside in the village, and be a registered voter.  [17-203]

Filing Deadline:  Incumbent: July 16th  Non-incumbent: August 1st   

Filing Fee:  None

Accountability Forms: N/A




Qualifications:  Must be a registered voter. Must be admitted to the practice of law in this state. Need not be a resident of the county when filing.  Also, due to the fact Loup County does not have a city of the metropolitan, primary or first class, said person may reside in an adjoining county upon assuming office.   [23-1201.01, 23-1201.02]

Filing Deadline:  Incumbent: February 15th  Non-incumbent: March 1st   

Filing Fee:  $292.82

Accountability Forms: Required




Qualifications:  Must be a registered voter but need not be a resident of the county in which he/she files. Must be a resident of the county when he/she assumes said office.  Must have a current and valid County Assessor certificate issued to him/her, which must be shown at the time of filing,(if they have just completed the assessor’s exam).  For those who have held an assessor’s certificate and kept it valid, the department will  issue a letter to the holder showing their name and certificate number and  a date stating how long the certificate is valid.  They should also provide a printout from the Department of Revenue, Property Assessment Division, showing they have completed at least 60 hours of continuing education credits prior to December 31, 2018.  For further information on applications forms, test sites and times for obtaining an Assessor’s certificate, contact Ruth A. Sorensen, Property Tax Administrator at Property Tax and Assessment (402-471-5962), by email ruth.sorensen@nebraska.gov or visit their website at http://www.revenue.nebraska.gov/PAD.  [23-1301, 23-3203]

Filing Deadline:  Incumbent: February 15th   Non-incumbent:  March 1st  

Filing Fee: $454.65

Accountability Forms: Required




Qualifications:  Must be a registered voter but need not be a resident of the county in which he/she files.  Must be a resident of the county when he/she assumes said office.   [23-1601.01]

Filing Deadline: Incumbent: February 15th  Non-incumbent:  March 1st  

Filing Fee: $395.35

Accountability Forms: Required





Qualifications:  Must be a registered voter and a resident of his/her respective district.  Districts One and Two are up for election in 2018.


Filing Deadline:  Incumbent:  February 15th   Non-incumbent:  March 1st   

Filing Fee: $116.84

Accountability Forms: Required


COUNTY SHERIFF:  Must be a register voter but need not be a resident of the county in which he/she files.  Must be a resident of the county upon assuming office.  Candidate must submit a law enforcement officer certificate or diploma issued by the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice at the time they file for office.  In lieu of said certificate or diploma, a candidate must file:

1) a standardized letter issued by the director of the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center certifying that said candidate has:

    a) within one year of the filing deadline, passed a background investigation of his/her criminal history, performed by the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center or that he/she has applied for the background investigation at least thirty days prior to the filing deadline, and;

    b) received a minimum combined score on the reading comprehension and English language portions of an adult basic education examination designated by the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center. 

For information on obtaining the standardized letter and taking the adult basic education examination, contact the Law Enforcement Training Center at (308) 385-6030.  [23-1701, 23-1701.01]

Filing Deadline:  Incumbent: February 15th  Non-incumbent:  March 1st  

Filing Fee: $395.35

Accountability Forms: Required


 MULTIPLE OFFICE HOLDING (32-604)(6) & (2)


Offices that cannot hold more than one office, or run for more than one office at a time (32-603)

United States House of Representatives

United States Senate


Secretary of State

Attorney General

State Treasurer

State Auditor of Public Accounts


Public Service

State Board of Education



High offices that you can hold one or more low office at the same time

Can run for 1 high and 1 or more low offices, but not 2 high offices at the same time


Learning Community

Community College (85-1512 May not hold office on any other board relating to education)

County Offices (including Weed Board)

School Board Members

City Officers

Class I School District Board Members

-Including those elected at the annual board meeting



Village Board of Trustees


Public Power


Airport Authority

Township Officers

SID Board Members


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